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Yonder Music Launches Yonder 2017 at Mobile World Congress with Live Snap Karaoke Contest
Play to win recording session with Grammy award-winning producers A&X

BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Yonder Music Inc. today announced major updates to its music service Yonder 2017 with new features for music fans on iPhone® and Android©. An exclusive preview of the service will take place during the week of the Mobile World Congress, on 27 February in Barcelona. The rapidly growing, highly localized music streaming service with operations throughout Asia has transformed consumers' streaming experience from low engagement passive listening to high engagement user participation through powerful personalization features.

Yonder 2017 gives users a rich, interactive journey of musical pleasure enabled by programmable modules built to optimize personalization for each individual. The service offers standard modules that support enhanced predictive text, audio search, and on-the-fly playlist creation with a new Pathing function that enables users to adjust their musical journey track by track without entering a new search.

Yonder 2017 will also feature non-standard modules to support online and offline events and Snap Karaoke, a highly social and interactive feature which lets users record their own versions of their favorite songs in a karaoke style. Users can then share 29 seconds of their recordings with other Yonder users and on their favorite social networks.

Speaking on the motivation and vision behind the new features of the service, "Yonder 2017 is the result of everything we learned in our first year Yondering in Asia about the way people want to experience music – that no two music fans want the same experience; they want to interact with the artists they love and create music in social and entertaining ways," said Adam Kidron, Yonder's Founder and Chief Executive Officer. "We decided to redefine the entire purpose of our application and simplify the user experience while bringing features such as event management and the ability to sing-along directly into our product."

"The effect of Snap Karaoke on the music service experience is particularly astonishing; it is functionally equivalent to the front-facing 'selfie' camera on smartphones, which is now responsible for more than 90% of all photos, because it puts our users in the song and enables them to share their 29 seconds of fame with their friends online to Hear Forever®," added Kidron.  

Axiata Presents the Yonder Music Sneak-Peek @MWC
Certain lucky MWC exhibitors, attendees and the public have been invited to experience Yonder Music 2017 by participating in the first ever Snap-Karaoke Contest for the chance to win a recording session with superstar Grammy Award-Winning Artists A&X in New York City, and 10 pairs of tickets to any concert, anywhere in 2017.

The event is presented by Yonder investors Axiata Group Berhad and multi award-winning Catalan Architect Artur Bossy at his extraordinary Wynwood Point studio/office/gallery in the heart of Barcelona. It will be hosted by Nicole Laurel Asensio, a superstar Filipino singer songwriter who represents the Yonder Mission to democratize and internationalize the business of music.

Availability of Yonder 2017 
Yonder 2017 will be available on March 28, 2017. It is free for subscribers to Yonder's partner Mobile Networks with Android and IOS devices.

About Yonder Music Inc.
Yonder Music is a bold, feature rich, digital music service that is headquartered in New York City and provides its users with commercial-free access to millions of songs to download play and share.

Yonder Music is democratizing the music business by shifting the responsibility to Device Manufacturers and Mobile Network Providers through bulk purchase Yonder licenses which are in turn made available on participating smart devices and mobile plans. These license fees are then pooled and paid out to artists and composers in direct proportion to their plays. This revolutionary strategy enables Yonder Music to bring commercial-free music to the masses through a feature-rich application without the hassle of paid subscriptions for.

Yonder Music's tagline is Hear Forever®, which means it is committed to being active in its local markets, producing collaborations between local and international artists, staging live concert events, and encouraging in-app and offline participation in music-making by its users. The Yonder mission is to make Yonder Music fundamental to its users' lives and provide its most valuable users experiences that they can't get anywhere else.

Yonder Music launched in Malaysia in early 2016 and currently has over 1 million subscribers in Malaysia, Indonesia and Bangladesh. The service is launching in Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Maldives in Q1 2017 and then in Philippines, Thailand and the Middle East in Q2 2017.

Yonder's investors are Cliff Burnstein - the legendary manager of popular music artists such as Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Black Keys, Muse and others – and Axiata Digital Sdn. Bhd., the digital services arm of Axiata Group Berhad (Axiata). Axiata is one of the leading telecommunications groups in Asia with over 300 million subscribers in 10 countries across ASEAN and South Asia.

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