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What is the Next 5G Killer App?
4K UHD turnkey solution by ADINNO Inc. at MWC 2018

SHANGHAI, March 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- ADINNO INC. will be at Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona to introduce the UK UHD turnkey solution. The 4K stereo solution will be on display at the ADINNO stand (8.1 J85) at Fira Barcelona Gran Via to answer the question of how to make a killer application for the upcoming 5G.

As the new standard, 5G is being invested in by U.S. Verizon and China Mobile and many other operators are ready to make a move.

With 5G individuals can enjoy amazing speeds up to 1G bps, so how should it be used?

Policymakers, ministers from around the world, industry leaders, and FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, a major figure, are all talking about this issue, while China Mobile Chairman Shang Bing announced that China Mobile will develop a 5G roadmap.

In order to create a better future, new technologies can bring a lot of innovation and change our lives. The new 5G can help to intelligently manage traffic or automate factories due to its low latency capabilities and bandwidth, but how can it be used in daily life?

ADINNO INC. is trying to answer this question with the 4K turnkey solution.

ADINNO is providing 4K UHD-based content, production and OTT / IPTV platforms for all terminals. ADINNO is introducing Hollywood content and IP-Based content production systems based on U.S. and China operations and is important for 4K / HD OTT / IPTV Solutions for OEM customers for mobile or fixed terrestrial line operators and cable television service providers.

ADINNO is a dedicated leading product for custom OEM (ODM) 4K / HD content and production and OTT / IPTV solutions for all mobile operators, fixed operators, and cable / IPTV operators.

The 4K industry is booming. Only the southern provinces will be assessed as 100 billion US dollars. Over the next few years, China's goal is 40 billion US dollars. This 4k development can perfectly match the needs of 5G killer application.

ADINNO is promoting its SEEi.TV 4K UHD turn-key solution at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2018) and broadcast and is will also be appearing at the Asia event ABU DBS 2018 in Kuala Lumpur.


ADINNO Inc., a U.S. and Chinese operating organization, is a leading 4K / HD end-to-end solution provider for mobile / fixed operators and cable / IPTV worldwide. It provides 4K UHD-based content and production as well as OTT / IPTV platform SEEi. TV.

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