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Reuben Brothers Invest in hiSky to Roll-out New Global Low Cost Satellite Services for Voice/Data and IoT
Reuben Brothers invest in hiSky SCS Ltd. (, an Israeli company developing a complete satellite network of terminals based on electronically steered antenna, hub base station and a network management system

LONDON, Feb. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Reuben Brothers' investment in hiSky will be mostly used for the network roll-out and for the Smartellite™ cost reduction to allow affordable global satellite communication in prices lower then LTE/GSM roaming prices. 

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The new investment will enable hiSky to further capitalize on its position as the low-cost leader in the voice & data and IoT/M2M satellite industry. Reuben Brother's activities in maritime, agriculture, green energy and mining operations makes them a natural strategic partner in hiSky by assimilating the hiSky Satellite-IoT/M2M network and technology with their assets at sea and in rural locations. The Reuben Brothers role in Global Switch, the leading owner, operator and developer of large-scale, multi-customer, carrier and cloud neutral, data center properties in Europe and Asia-Pacific is an additional strategic grouping to hiSky and its network management system. 

The funding will drive further international expansion on top of the establishment of hiSkysat Limited in the UK with its new offices in Millbank Tower, London. hiSky intends to move its network operation center to the UK providing global services from the UK. 

A spokesman for Reuben Brothers said: "We are excited to back such a creative team with a proven IP. We expect their solutions to have, very soon, a major impact on the Satellite Communication industry."  

Mr. Shahar Kravitz, hiSky co-founder and CEO commented: "We met two remarkable business persons who understood clearly the potential and the global growth need for connectivity of sensors to data, chat and voice. hiSky will enjoy Ruben Brothers global presence and operations to drive our technology and network to unique places which will also drive new products. We got to meet a group of people running business operations around the world with best of care understanding the added value resulting from new technologies to low tech industries as in high tech companies."

About hiSky (

hiSky's was established in 2015 with the aim of turning into an SVNO (Satellite Virtual Network Operator), providing a comprehensive solution for voice/data and IoT/M2M applications, at a fraction of existing market rates. These are delivered through a suite of Smartellite™ products and a proprietary Network Management System.

Mostly used to monitor & track assets and fleet movements even in remote locations.
Oil & Gas: aids in mobilizing & deploying high-value assets in the field.
Construction: equipment usage tracking.
Security: track valuable mobile assets such as rail cars, propane tanks.
Marine: Monitor & track high-value assets, such as boats, barges and containers, at the dock and off-shore.
Other industry uses: Mining, forestry, government and fisheries.            

Voice & Data (MSS)
hiSky network and technology provides satellite calls, data and messages, chat, photos and attachments. Provides Voice & Data for search and rescue missions and communication in remote locations, disaster areas, travelers, adventure and more. 

hiSky revenue model is based on income from hiSky's subscribers. Revenues will be generated from the sale of airtime packages and the Smartellite™. The company has strategic agreements of satellite operators and satellite companies.

About Reuben Brothers (

Reuben Brothers is a leader in private equity, real estate investment and development, and debt financing.

Our investments include data centers, racecourses, pub companies, aerodromes, and media. Our resources heritage is today represented through energy investments, shipping, agriculture, metal warehousing and an expanding mining portfolio.

Our real estate holdings are significant in scale and broadly diversified, encompassing office, retail, hotel, marina, residential and infrastructure properties across the world.

Our philanthropic arm, the Reuben Foundation, was formed in 2002 and makes essential contributions to the advancement of healthcare and education worldwide. For further information on the Reuben Foundation please visit

For more information:
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hiSky Marketing Communications Director 
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