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NetComm Conducts First Public Demonstration of Ground-breaking 5G Self-Install Technology

SYDNEY, Feb. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- NetComm will unveil tomorrow its ground-breaking 5G Fixed Wireless Self-Install technology at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona and will conduct the first public demonstration of the new technology to global network operators.

Els Baert, Director of Marketing & Communications at NetComm, pictured with one of NetComm's 5G Self-Install antennae.

Telcos around the world are searching for a reliable Self-Installation platform for their 5G Fixed Wireless deployments to remove the expense of sending an engineer to the customer premises to install an external reception antenna to receive the 5G signal.

At MWC NetComm will be the first vendor in the global market to publicly demonstrate 5G Self-Installation technology that will slash the time and cost of connecting homes and businesses to 5G Fixed Wireless services -- thereby creating a viable business case for 5G Fixed Wireless.

Els Baert, Director of Marketing & Communications at NetComm said:

"We are seeing huge interest from leading global operators in our new 5G Fixed Wireless Self-Install technology and will be demonstrating our world-leading technology to many of them at Mobile World Congress.

"Operators from all over the world are telling us that Self-Install is the missing ingredient to make 5G Fixed Wireless services profitable -- and NetComm is leading the race to bring this critical technology to the marketplace.

"5G Fixed Wireless presents a major opportunity for operators to generate a new revenue stream from their existing network and spectrum assets -- and NetComm has the technology to help them make the numbers stack up."

The NetComm 5G self-install platform allows end-users to get the best possible connection via an application on their phone that connects to their new modem and the 5G network and guides the end-user to the best position for their 5G modem to be placed in the house.

Because of the varying characteristics of the 5G Fixed Wireless market -- with different spectrum bands and cell sizes being used -- NetComm has developed a portfolio of devices for the marketplace -- all of which support both sub 6GHz bands as well as mmWave.

Indoor desk mount: Can be installed anywhere in the home and is most suitable in locations close to the base station for homes that already have a decent signal strength

Indoor window mount: Can be installed on the window to improve the signal quality and therefore the connection

Outdoor wall mount: These devices also use directional antennae to allow for a longer reach and location further away from the base station. NetComm offers both a self-install outdoor wall mount as well one which requires engineer installation.

Outdoor roof mount: Installed on the roof and use high quality directional antennas to allow for an extra reach from the base station with good connectivity.

David Kennedy, Practice Leader at global telecoms consultancy Ovum said:

"Our research at Ovum clearly shows that installation costs have a significant impact on the business case for Fixed Wireless access.

"In some cases, these installation costs can be prohibitive to Fixed Wireless services actually being launched.

"Therefore, new technologies that lower installation costs will help to expand the potential customer footprint for Fixed Wireless and improve scale economics -- helping to build a business case for Fixed Wireless investment."

About NetComm

NetComm (ASX: NTC) is a global developer of solutions that bridge the gap between fibre and the home, device or machine. In a world where everyone's connected life matters, Fixed Wireless broadband, wireless M2M/Industrial IoT and Fibre to the distribution point (FTTdp) solutions are specially engineered for challenging deployments. At NetComm we understand that no one-solution fits all. Every operator, carrier and enterprise is different, so we build the right VDSL, Gfast, 4G and 5G solution to meet specific network, market and geographic conditions worldwide. Established in 1982, NetComm is a globally renowned innovator of world-first data communications technologies.

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