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D-Link is Transforming the Urban Landscape with Smart City Solutions at MWC 2019
D-Link helps cities digitalize for the age of 5G, AI & IoT with its solutions that enhance livability, productivity, and sustainability.

BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- International networking company D-Link announced new technologies and solutions that empower smart city life at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. D-Link understands that cities are becoming increasingly dense and that there is a need for digitalization to enable smarter, safer, more efficient cities. That is why D-Link is offering new technologies and solutions in network connectivity, edge computing, cloud computing, intelligent video analytics, and big data analytics to help businesses tackle pressing issues such as urban gridlock and climate change.

D-Link has partnered with Microsoft to create new smart city solutions, empowered by Microsoft Vision AI, that will create unlimited new opportunities for smart cities and businesses to integrate AI & IoT technologies, and fully exploit the benefits of digitalization. D-Link's intelligent video analytics (IVA) surveillance solutions provide smart insights in real-time, 24/7, and D-Link's big data analytics solutions helps cities and businesses improve efficiency.

D-Link's smart city solutions are applicable in the following areas:

Public & Personal Safety

D-Link is bringing more intelligence and convenience to firefighters, police, EMS, and security personnel through advanced Push-to-Talk (PTT) communications, and Facial/Object Recognition done at the Edge, enabling improved coordination, faster response times, and greater transparency.  

Traffic Management

D-Link Smart Traffic integrates traffic monitoring, connected vehicles, and smart traffic lights to reduce traffic congestion and improve road safety. We supply the vast Low-Power Wide-Area IoT sensor networks that smart cities need, along with high-speed connectivity, and low-latency computing at the Edge -- a foundation for vehicular intelligence and 5G networks of tomorrow.

Pollution Control

Civic administrators, environmental bureaus, and law enforcement agencies need D-Link's solutions to curtail vehicle emissions whilst maintaining economic productivity and driver convenience. If a tailpipe is observed producing black smoke, an automated alert can be raised, with that vehicle's license plate identified via Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). D-Link also facilitates data-driven decision making through real-time ambient environmental analytics that help determine emissions sources at the jurisdictional level, so that districts and administrators can better enforce and comply with regulations.  

Smart Retail

Thriving cities need a thriving retail sector. D-Link offers the state-of-the-art Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA), People Counting, Heat Mapping, Facial Recognition, and Edge Computing technologies that brick & mortar retailers need to optimize their marketing, productivity, security, customer service, and more.

Smart Parking

D-Link is offering IoT-based solutions that makes parking hassle-free. IoT sensors, ANPR cameras, RFID, and Edge Computing work together to provide driver notification & guidance so that drivers save time and operators have their lot spaces filled more efficiently. D-Link also offers dynamic payment integration for our Smart Parking solutions for drivers who need to reserve a space in advance or on the spot. Other features provided include parking lot automation and scalable multisite management.

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