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Linker Networks Launches Auto-labeling Service for Autonomous Driving Built on Microsoft Azure

BOSTON, Feb. 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- MWC 2019 Barcelona -- Linker Networks Inc. ("Linker") today announced the launch of their service to deliver world-class AI based auto-labeling with continuous learning for the autonomous driving industry. Linker's auto-labeling technology integrated with Microsoft Azure cloud services delivers a seamless and scalable solution to pre-process datasets used for machine learning in vertically integrated industries like Autonomous Driving, Manufacturing, Public Safety and Medical Imaging. The service will be generally available by June 2019.

Pre-processing dataset for AI Machine Learning is currently labor intensive, time consuming and highly customized to individual labeling requirements. In order to train real-time inference models for autonomous driving today, customers manual-label their data sets. This is not only expensive, but difficult to replicate for new data and object recognition scenarios.

Linker develops AI models with continuous learning to improve auto-labeling model accuracy and scalability. It's auto-labeling service provides Quality Assurance using a human workforce to deliver ground truth for images and videos with speed and automation. By integrating Microsoft Azure Machine Learning service, Linker can improve productivity and reduce costs with autoscaling compute, tune hyperparameters faster and deploy customer-owned auto-labeling AI models tailored to specific requirements efficiently.

"Auto-labeling dataset processing technology plays an essential part in delivering managed AI services for enterprise and mobile carriers. We at Linker are excited to have the privilege to work with Microsoft on breakthrough technologies required to deliver intelligent cloud and intelligent edge solutions," Paul Shieh, Founder and CEO of Linker Networks, said.

Jurgen Willis, Director of Product Management, Azure Engineering said, "We are pleased to see Linker Networks using Artificial Intelligence to boost the productivity of our customers who need to label millions of images for the development of their autonomous driving technology. This reduces both the cost and time of development and enables customers to accelerate their go to market timeline. By leveraging Azure Machine Learning service, Linker's data scientists are able to focus on developing the AI and let Azure take care of scaling their AI Training jobs."

Autonomous driving platforms generate hundreds of millions of images and videos to be labeled with the highest levels of accuracy. Reducing labor cost and time-to-label is critical for these platforms' competitive market advantage.

At Mobile World Congress 2019, Linker announced the integration of its auto-labeling with continuous learning for autonomous driving with Azure services. This technology will be available and showcased at 5A61. Linker is being supported by Microsoft for Startups, Microsoft's comprehensive program to help global startups build, grow and scale their businesses. In addition, Linker will continue to develop new solutions for mobile telecom customers exploring 5G applications and numerous additional market opportunities based on Linker's AI technology pilots.

About Linker

Linker is an innovative company focused on developing AI state-of-the-art software including AI platform, auto-labeling, and vision AI with real-time inference. Linker's machine learning technology delivers end-to-end AI continuous learning platform from cloud to edge that enables AI managed services for enterprises and mobile operators.

Our goal is to together offer world class intelligent cloud and intelligent edge solutions for our customers to enable AI services efficiently.

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Microsoft (@microsoft) enables digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge. Its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. 

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