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OneSimCard Reduces International Roaming Data to $0.02 to $0.05 per MB in Over 90 Countries

Boston, MA  December 15, 2016 –

OneSimCard, a leading global provider of low cost international mobile roaming services for businesses and leisure travelers,  announced dramatic worldwide reductions in the cost of international data roaming.

OneSimCard recently introduced their “Global Data” packages and their “Super Select” data package. The “Global Data” packages work in over 90 countries, including all of Europe, much of the Caribbean  and almost all other key business and tourist destinations worldwide.  When purchasing the premier 2000 MB package, data in all the included 90+ countries will only cost $0.05 per MB.  The OneSimCard “Super Select” data package offers even better value in about 30 countries, including France, Germany, Italy, Israel,  the UK and China, where 1000 MB of data in the included countries cost only $19. At this price, data is less than $0.02 per MB and equal to or less expensive than  local SIM cards. Since price was the only reason to purchase a local SIM, that reason no longer exists.

In addition, OneSimCard offers numerous additional benefits and much more convenience.  OneSimCard is easily purchased on line and shipped to the traveler’s home or office address prior to trip departure allowing travelers to both test the SIM in their phone or device before traveling and to distribute their new international phone number.

OneSimCard also offers better quality service at foreign destinations. When purchasing a local SIM card, international travelers are buying access only to that carrier’s national network. If their service is weak in some areas, that is the level of roaming service the traveler will receive. OneSimCard  is different as they almost always have at least 2 or more network roaming partners in each country. OneSimCard  will choose the better signal strength in order to provide its roamers the best possible service at their current international location.

OneSimCard includes both a European phone number and  US phone number on the SIM, along with the option to purchase additional phone numbers in over 65 other countries. OneSimCard  works worldwide in all unlocked GSM devices and phones. The user simply replaces their domestic carriers’ SIM card with OneSimCard when traveling internationally. All users can replace their own SIM cards in just a few seconds. OneSimCard provides international roaming services in over 200 countries and offers free incoming calls in more than 160 countries.

About OneSimCard 
OneSimCard (  ), a division of Belmont Telecom, Inc., is a leading provider of mobile service for international travelers offering low-cost voice, text and data service worldwide. OneSimCard saves travelers 85% on international roaming charges compared to their regular domestic mobile carrier and has been widely acclaimed by mobile industry and travel experts, including those from The New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe and PC Magazine.

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Roy Heimowitz
+1 (617) 313-8888 x412