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Parallel Wireless Reimagines Wireless Synchronization
Breakthrough Technology with Superior Time and Frequency Synchronization Accuracy Allows Mobile Operators to Deploy Indoor and Outdoor Cellular as Easy and as Cost-effective as Wi-Fi

NASHUA, N.H. – Nov. 03, 2015 – Parallel Wireless, Inc., the pioneer in making cellular network deployments as easy and as cost-effective as enterprise Wi-Fi, today announces another innovation in reimagining the RAN with High-Precision Carrier Synchronization Technology (HPCST). Easy to install and maintain, HPCST delivers more accurate syncronization (50+ times less time and frequency error) in virtualized HetNets and helps mobile operators with better spectrum utilization. This improves the overall quality of subscriber experience indoors and outdoors and paves the way to faster and denser 5G networks.

Synchronization is the “invisible” foundation to any nation’s communications fabric from cell phones, to Internet, to power grids, to networking. With higher-accuracy synchronization, the wireless networks can deliver better performance, higher data throughput, more efficient spectrum use, higher subscriber loads, and faster transaction processing. With a move to all-IP network, synchronization solutions available today (outdated T1 or E1, available only outdoors GPS, or costly IEEE1588) are not designed to meet stringent LTE-A requirements for time and frequency synchronization accuracy. As a primary source of network synchronization outdoors, GPS solution presents logistical and operational challenges for HetNets. GPS signal can be unreliable due to environmental conditions (urban, tall buildings, nLOS, GPS-denied environments). IEEE1588 not only is costly to implement, but is also extremely sensitive to the delay variation, carries high level of cumulative error, and is not suitable for future higher data rate channels requirements.

The Parallel Wireless HPCST is the only synchronization technology that can support outdoor and indoor deployments, compatible with most wireless standards such as 3G, 4G/LTE or Wi-Fi and future-proofed for 5G while being only a fraction of a cost of current synchronization solutions. The technology, transmitted as a wireless signal, reduces time delay or frequency inaccuracy delivering three orders of magnitude improvement compared to LTE-A requirements of 500 ns (nanoseconds) for time and two orders of magnitude better frequency sync than LTE-A requirements of 16/50 ppb (part per billion).  Because of the precise sync between any number of nodes, HPCST provides higher end-user data throughput (from traditional max QAM 64 to reliable QAM 256). HPCST precise sync capabilities also enable distributed baseband System on Chips (SoCs) to function as if they were coming from a single common central baseband system, and as a result, this eliminates the need to pool baseband resources in a data center or deploy expensive fronthaul. With real-time self-organizing capabilities, the solution is ideal for outdoor or indoor HetNets as nodes can be wirelessly phase locked and added without complex network planning for instantaneous improvement in resource utilization.

HPCST solution takes advantage of the Parallel Wireless HetNet Gateway (HNG) real-time multi- technology multi-vendor orchestration, interference mitigation, and dynamic scheduling.

Rajesh Mishra, founder, president, and CTO, Parallel Wireless, said. “There are very few resources on earth as scarce as spectrum. Hence, better and cheaper ways to improve network frequency and time synchronization translate directly into better use of this precious resource. Lack of consistent timing in the LTE radio access network causes handovers failing, dropped sessions and data throughput reductions. Precise synchronization is required to support LTE network capacity features, such as CoMP and eICIC. HPCST attains these stringent targets cost-effectively and significantly raises network performance outdoors and indoors. HPCST leveraging HNG orchestrator inter-cell interference and dynamic scheduling capabilities leads to a corresponding improvement of the data speeds with the highest performance gains occurring in the areas with the most cell overlap.”

To learn more about how the synchronization technology enables multi-technology, multi-vendor virtualized HetNets to be deployed as easily and cost-effectively as Wi-Fi, please visit Parallel Wireless at booth 305 at Small Cell Americas, November 2nd – 4th in Dallas, Texas, USA for a live demo.

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About Parallel Wireless
Parallel Wireless is reimagining the wireless infrastructure market, enabling carriers, public safety, and enterprises to deploy cellular networks as easy and as cost-effective as enterprise Wi-Fi. The largest LTE provider in Europe has teamed up with Parallel Wireless to deliver reliable coverage to 1,500 rural sites by 2017, making it the largest outdoor small cell deployment worldwide. Parallel Wireless’ innovation and excellence has been recognized with 13 industry awards and a nomination to the “Fierce 15” top emerging technology startups list.

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