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SYSTRAN Receives Good Review on its own Summarizer and NER Solution at MWC 2016
- Opened new concept language processing technology, creating a summary with key sentences after sentence structure analyzation
- Introduced NER technology that extracts name, name of place, organization and location from email and social media

Seoul, Korea, Feb. 26, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- SYSTRAN, the world's leading company in language translation products and solutions (Chairman and representative of SYSRTRAN Group, Lucas Ji) participated in Mobile World Congress 2016 from 22nd to 25th of February at Barcelona, Spain, and is showing language processing solution drawing roaring attention from local. And also Choi Jae-yu, the 2nd Vice Minister from the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning visited the booth and showed a lot of interest on SYSTRAN Group's various language processing solutions.

'MWC 2016' is an annual conference on wearable, VR, payment service, smartphone, IoT etc, various industry based on mobile. SYSTRAN Group set up a booth at MWC 2016 France section and introduced Summarizer, that can summarize the document and NER(Named Entity Recognition).

Summarizer is a new concept language processing solution creating a summary by calculating key sentences by content unit after analyzing sentence structure of original text. And NER is a technology that extracts proper noun entities such as name, name of place, organization and location by recognizing and analyzing the named entity through context, pattern analysis and training from original texts such as document or email. It is also the basis of AI and machine learning.

SYSTRAN's NER solution is already adopted in U.S. Department of Defense, CIA, France Department of Defense and American and European government agencies for a purpose of e-Discovery, scientific investigation and prevention of counterterrorism. Especially, it is widely used as a big data analytics technology element to understand and analyze not only the structured information but also, unstructured data such as email and social media.

Lucas Ji, Chairman of SYSTRAN Group said, "Through MWC 2016, we are accelerating the innovation creation by introducing not only the existing language translation products and solutions but also Summarizer and NER technology". He also said, "As the world's leading company in language translation products and as a rapidly growing global company, SYSTRAN will create customer value with more advanced technology."

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