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The new video future of 5G Telco TV

BARCELONA, Spain, March 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Huawei is exploring the 5G new video experience for the convergent future of Telco TV with worldwide operators at the MWC 2022 in Barcelona. 

Telco TV service can now use 5G and volumetric video technology to lead the market. By introducing a ground breaking new mobile video experience, Telco TV can provide synchronized multi-angle video live streams to any device. It even offers a seamless free view rotation in 360 degrees of sports events streaming from the intelligence stadium right at the user's fingertip with 5G connection.

A step further, Personal Virtual Theatre takes the viewing experience into the meta world by watching all of the video content in VR headset, which offers 8K 360 degrees in 3D format for an immersive adventure. 

To leverage the unique 5G capabilities, including QoS and mobile edge, which OTT online video service can never offer, Telco TV operators are gearing up for the future of Wireless UHD Home Theatre service over Fixed Wireless Access (FWA). It doesn't only aim at delivering Telco TV to any place with instant service activation but, most importantly, break through the confined market from STB on FTTX towards the non-boundary service territory with the expected mass growth from the mobile segment. 

Wireless home TV with QoS provides a new business proposition that effectively reaches the rising volume of versatile smart devices while expanding to new TV usage scenarios beyond the living room but anywhere in the house.

These 5G video innovations empower Telco TV to explore new business frontiers and extend the home TV segment into the personal video market with an exciting future to come.

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