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MWC Barcelona Sponsor Accenture: Accenture will be featured as the GSMA’s exclusive Industry City Knowledge Partner

Accenture’s MWC ‘22 approach is a bit more conservative than in years past, however our undercurrent of excitement is palpable given the new turn we are taking.  We are moving to a new location in Hall 4 and are very proud to announce that this year, Accenture will be featured as the GSMA’s exclusive Industry City Knowledge Partner. Accenture’s deep cross-services expertise in AI, Cloud, Advanced Networks, Security and Data & Analytics, combined with our unique depth of industry knowledge across 20 different industries, puts us in a unique position to lead the digital transformation and growth strategies amongst our very, distinctive and differentiated groups of clients. Highlights for our upcoming presence include:

  1. Demos
  • New pathways to growth across segments including consumer, SMB and enterprise
  • 5G assessment & edge automation tools
  • Next steps in accelerating a secure 5G/cloud migration
  • Service transformation that illustrates how to shift service from a cost center to model of innovation and source of new growth.
  • The metaverse landscape and what it means for the mobile industry. Visitors entering the metaverse will have the opportunity to explore our latest innovations and new research on the topic; meet leadership and have a bit of fun. Be sure to schedule a tour and take a selfie while you’re there.  B-roll also available.
  1. On stage - Key speaker highlights:
  • Energy Efficiency Trends in 5G – Albert Tan
  • The Digital Payment Landscape – Sulabh Agarwal
  • Future of Multimodal Travel – Miguel Flecha
  • Digital Twins in a Mirror World – Tejas Rao
  • Cloud and Edge: A New Approach to Innovation – Jefferson Wang
  • Next In Tech – Martha Cotton
  • What is the Game Plan for Quantum Computing? – Mathangi Sandilya
  • Advanced Analytics and Robotics – Lan Guan
  • Private and Dedicated Networks for Industry 4.0 – Kevin Kapich
  • The Future of Mobility – Axel Schmidt
  • Connectivity (5G+C-V2X) – April Wirtz
  • Web 3.0 - The Metaverse – Brian Smyth
  • AI for Health – Terry Hemken
  • Diversity in Workplace - Judith Palmés Bosch

Session list as of 1.26.2022. To see the full schedule, click here.

  1. Special Feature:
    1. Join Accenture’s Annette Rippert, Group Chief Executive, Strategy & Consulting, Koen Deryckere, Global Lead, Industry Networks and Programs and Andrew Walker, Global Communications & Media Industry Lead, together with a special guest from Google, during our live-streamed 60-minute summit on March 1st.  Attendance is limited to 80 people so reserve your place.
  2. New research to be announced:  The Metaverse, Cloud, and Sustainability & Telcos
  3. Ecosystem:  Accenture will have a focused ecosystem strategy for MWC and as part of that please look for updates from the team on collaborations with Microsoft, Google, and VMWare.

Booth location:  4B100.