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A joint study of SunPartner Technologies with Vector Watch shows technology that would greatly extend the current 30-day battery life of Vector’s smart watches.

Aix-en-Provence, France, February 22, 2016. At Mobile World Congress 2016, Vector Watch, the smart watch which revolutionized the wearable industry with its 30-days battery life, and Sunpartner Technologies, creator of Wysips® invisible solar power for connected devices, announce the conclusion of a joint study that would greatly extend the battery life of Vector’s smart watches.

The study showed by integrating Wysips® Reflect, a transparent photovoltaic module, into the screens of Vector’s Smart Watches, would lead to a battery life to unprecedented performance in the smart watch market, with no impact on Vector’s design.

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Vector, the London-based company made headlines with its smart watches that offer 30-days battery life on a single charge without compromising design or features. This patented technology is a significant competitive advantage in the wearable sector.

Wysips® Reflect, seamlessly integrated in the watch dial, uses the most appropriate photovoltaic materials to produce electricity by harnessing ambient light (natural or artificial). The energy is then stored in a rechargeable battery. It substantially extends the battery life of Vector’s Smart Watch and independently powers watch features with zero impact on the design.


Wysips® Reflect is unique because its design is adaptable: it comes in multiple forms and can be laminated on a variety of surfaces (reflective screens, watch casings and watch dials). It is optimized depending on the object and the client’s needs. Ultra-thin (≤ 0.5 mm), transparent (up to 85%, preserving visual and functional qualities), adaptable to screens and surfaces up to 6 inches and powerful (up to 3 milliwatts peak per cm2), Wysips® Reflect enables smart watches to preserve their aesthetic identity and have a battery life approaching that of traditional watches.

Vector Watch
Available in two collections, the flagship round Luna design and Meridian with a rectangular case, the Vector watch collection has all the characteristics of fine watchmaking: battery life with refinement and technology. These smartwatches, which are compatible with Android, iOS and Windows phones, works with all notifications, monitors physical activity (number of steps, calories, sleep), are water resistant (to 50 meters) and have an always-on, monochrome screen that displays the time without pressing a button. New updates include Music, Evernote and Nest apps, doubled by streams for Facebook and Twitter. The new app launch and social stream development coincides with Vector’s progression towards creating an open community for third party app developers using the Vector SDK and API.

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