3 Ways to Increase Your Visibility at MWC Barcelona

You know that MWC Barcelona is a great way to reach decision-makers and journalists—but it takes more than a snazzy booth to stand out in this competitive crowd. 

As hosts of the official MWC Online Press Room and official news distribution partner and experts in the media space, Cision is a resource you can lean on this year to help amplify your brand’s story. 

Here are 3 event best practices to ensure you stand out from the pack this February

     Tip 1: Invest in pre-show promotion. 
In a work-from-home world, sending out teasers ahead of time encourages
 attendees to put your company on their agendas. Tell people why they should have your brand on their must-see list. 
     Tip 2: Experiment. 
Use shifting budgets and overall smaller event footprint
 to your advantage; this is the time to challenge the typical exhibiting blueprint and get creative. With less attendees and exhibitors, find ways to create quality conversations and be prepared for the possbility of more media attention.
     Tip 3: Strategize instead of relying on serendipity
hile the physical show will be a priority, the physical presence may still look different this year as companies are still navigating travel restrictions and changing health guidance. Having an event strategy to reach both physical and online audiences is more important than ever. 


It can be tempting to go back into old habits of physical only events and move on, but that would be a missed opportunity to leverage the power of this smaller event footprint.  

To learn more about increasing your visibility at MWC Barcelona, you can explore our offerings here: http://mwc.vporoom.com/order  

For questions or to consult with our team, please call 973-783-7787 or email us at VPO@cision.com. 

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